Monday, February 23, 2009

Dr. Dog Poster

Here is a poster I got to collaborate on with Dog and Pony Showprints for last night's Dr. Dog show at Cafe Eleven. I like it. It's cute. It reminds me of Charley Harper's work, if I do say so myself. :)

This is the opener--Drug Rug. They were really great. I need more of them.

The poster is based loosely on their song, "The Ark," which just happened to be the first song of their amazing set.

Before the show, I went to Target to get a cute little something new for the show, and I found these shoes on sale. They didn't seem too horrible to maneuver in-store and I need to get more comfortable in heels for Tina's wedding, but I quickly realized--the shoes were a bad choice. I had to take a break from standing after every other song which was totally lame--but on the plus side, for the songs I could stand, I could see over everyones' heads :) Can someone please tell me the secret to walking in heels or is it something one just has to practice? Which reminds me of this hilarious thing.

From what I saw of it, it was a great show and I had a great time. :)


Anonymous said...

The heels have to be at least 4 1/2 inches, I have trouble with 2 1/2 inches! I wore a pair Christmas Eve to Celebration and ouch!!!

Great Poster, I recognized the giraffe!

Anonymous said...

My sister and I love the poster!! My nephew is in Dr. Dog and we love seeing things from the fans. Thank You. Hope you enjoyed the band. They are great guys. Hope you have sent them a copy at their website.

imuhwinner said...

I love the band! You've got a really talented nephew, there. I hope you get him to show of at all your family reunions :)

I'm so glad you like the poster! I think we sent 5 posters home with them at the show in St. Augustine this past Sunday, so I hope they saw it. But if you want to order any for yourselves, just get in touch with Sean from Dog and Pony Showprints!

Thanks for the comment! Don't be strangers! :)

SabinMama said...

So, can I buy a Dr. Dog poster?

imuhwinner said...

I think they still have some available at their Etsy shop. Here's the link: