Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coconut Nest Cupcakes!

This past Sunday I got together with my good friend, Heather, and made some cupcakes! I wanted to do something Easter-y and when I saw this recipe for Coconut-Vanilla cupcakes in this month's Gourmet, I had to try it. So, I turned the toasted coconut garnish into a cozy little nest for a coconut-jellybean-egg! :) They were so cute!

This is Heather telling me with her eyes to hurry up with the pictures already--alright Heather! You can try one!

Heather wasn't the only one waiting for a cupcake. Finnegan, or as I like to call him, Big-head-dog, wanted to come to the party, too. Sorry BHD, you're a dog. You wouldn't even like them.

Now, look like you're really enjoying it! Yeah, that's it! :)

Man, they were so good. See all those little black dots? Those aren't sea monkeys. That is real vanilla bean, bitches. Hell yeah. AND the frosting was so fluffy and silky, I think because of the coconut milk reduction. I would TOTALLY make these again.

After the cupcakes, we thought maybe we should have some dinner, so we made a pizza! And oh man, was it good. Let's see, what did we put on it--more like what didn't we put on it. There was olive marinara, mozzerela, ricotta dollops, onions,
artichokes, garlic, pepperoni, fresh basil, parmesan and, god, I'm hungry just thinking about it.

After pizza we watched 50 First Dates. I think Drew Barrymore is so pretty in that movie; cute and natural, but not too natural. All in all, it was a really fun and delicious Sunday. I can't wait to do it again! I'm looking at you, Heather. :)

Happy Easter, everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. so jealous.

...haha, big-head dog.

imuhwinner said...

Kellie, thanks for quenching my comment thirst every post. It's ridiculous how much I love/need it.


Nicole said...

You are FedEx-ing me one of those, right? I'll take a pizza too.