Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Internet, meet Kitchy. She is my new KitchenAid stand mixer and I love her. My boyfriend gave her to me for Christmas. I love him too.

Here she is in action. Look at her, creaming that butter without breaking a sweat. Beautiful.

OH! and here is her friend, Cuppy the cupcake carrier, full of delicious cupcakes. My boyfriend's mom got her for me. Isn't she great?

Here they are together, hangin' out, chillaxin after a hard day of cupcake makin' and carryin'. Don't they look great together? I see a long and happy relationship in their future. :)


Ana said...

one of the cuppycakes i ate at home for some reason i lifted up the little pink heart and there was a PURPLE FLOWER under it!! it was amazing! i checked another and there was no flower.

Jessica said...

I understand your joy. I got a stand-mixer as a wedding present from some friends. I was driving while my brand new husband was opening gifts and i nearly swerved off the highway.

I'll be a new Jacksonville resident in a few months, i might have to get you to show me this fantastic flea market you speak of.