Monday, March 22, 2010

Buy my stuff!

Hey guys! In case you haven't heard, I opened an Etsy store! Right now I'm just selling my dreamcatcher necklaces, but I have plans. BIG plans. Also, any feedback would be great. Like, are the descriptions good enough? Should I have more inventory? Are the necklaces priced fairly? Thanks guys! Love you! :)



jessica said...

The descriptions are good, the prices seem fair to me (who doesn't buy jewelry, so, really, what do I know), but the pictures could use a little bit of TLC. They need little brightening maybe or use the auto adjustment features in Adobe photoshop to get them looking not quite so gray...? Or maybe take pics of them outside in the sunshine? Unless gray is what you were going for, then the pics are perfect.

And the image on your blog should take you to your etsy store, silly! Or there should be a link to it on your blog somewhere. Yeah!

imuhwinner said...

I'm gonna say that I was going for gray...mainly 'cause I'm too lazy to change them, but also 'cause I kind of like the muted look.

And DUH--of course I should have a link! Jeez. Can you tell I'm not business person? :) Thanks, Jess. LOVE YOOOOU!