Saturday, October 25, 2008

It was so sweet, the wedding and the cake.

This last picture is the favorite of all the ones I took that day. I wish I'd taken more. Amanda looked so beautiful and they both were so happy. Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL. The church was quaint and cozy, perfect for an intimate wedding. And Amanda really pulled off the decor to give the the wedding a warmth that matched the loved she and Garrett visibly share. It was beautiful.

...And so was my cake. :) I originally planned something like this:

But with white chocolate truffles instead of cocoa. It REALLY didn't work. So I came up with a different game plan 3 hours before the wedding (!) After I helped Amanda decorate the church the night before the big day, I had a better idea of the feel she was going for. In the ceremony, she and Garrett stood under an arch decorated in fall leaves and berries (I wish I'd gotten a picture!), similar to the ones you see on the cake. And with the other design I was having a hard time coming up with a good topper, but with those berries a nest immediately popped into mind. That's where the love birds came from. There are also four birds on the lower levels of the cake, representing Garrett's four boys. I think the autumnal bird thing went along with her wedding much better than stupid looking truffles, so I'm pretty happy.

OH! And more importantly, it tasted AMAZING. I used the same cake recipe that we used for the chocolate grooms cake, but I used a white chocolate buttercream icing with raspberry preserve filling. Oh man, it was SO good. I wish I had some right. now...


Tina Amato said...

Caitlin, that cake was BEAUTIFUL. Why aren't you trying to do this for a living??

I'm angry I put a deposit down on a cake maker already.

Tina Amato said...

Dude, we should totally go into business together! You could make the cakes, and design the invitations, and come up with themes and decorations, and I could... be your bitch?