Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pen to Paper. I call it. Don't steal it.

So, I've had a lot of reasons to buy cards lately (birthdays, weddings, graduations, Mother's Days) and I've realized something: St. Augustine has shit for stationary. A quality stationary/card boutique would do really well in this market and I'd like to open one. I'd call it Pen to Paper and it'd make tons of money. Now, who wants to be my financial backer/sugar daddy. Any takers?


jessica said...

Do it at your home and sell them to local stores around there. You would make the best stationery type stuff evaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Trish said...

oh my you would become a millionaire... guaranteed :)

you can also sell on Etsy too, no sense just selling in one city when you can reach the world!

Tina Amato said...

I'll help you stock it. :)

Dude, you don't post enough.