Monday, June 1, 2009


Two weeks ago, the agency I work for held a party during the city's Jazz Fest. I was asked to make cupcakes and I can never resist. But this time I made brownie bites with cream cheese frosting and M&M toppers! Yum. They're in the colors of the poster, which I'll get to in a minute.

I had to leave the bites on the counter all day before the party, which was pretty dangerous. The creatives are known scavengers, so this sign was more than necessary. But, I mean, can you blame them for wanting one/seven? :)

Val couldn't resist. She's such a rebel. :)

Here's the poster for the event with my illustrations. Sean did the majority of the design work on this one and I'm still not sure if my illustrations make sense with the rest of the design, but whatev. He did a great job, and he and Tim printed, I think, like 200 of them, which is crazy impressive.

Here they are, all lined up in our front window, NYC-style. :)

A big thanks to Stephanie for letting me use her camera to take these pictures! Here she is at the sign-in station, bouncin' bums left and right. :)


Nicole said...

Your illustration looks great! I want a poster!!! And a cupcake.

imuhwinner said...

I can't wait to see you in July! and I'll see what I can do about the poster. :)

Tina Amato said...

You need to update more often. >:(

imuhwinner said...

I know. But I don't really have anything going on! :\ Maybe I'll have some design stuff to post soon, but don't hold your breathe. I know! We'll have to make something when I come up!