Friday, September 4, 2009

TO DO: Apartment

So, because I don't have a camera, or really any time to do anything, this blog has kind of been put on the back burner. But not for long! I'm gonna start cooking again and here's the idea: Stuff I WANT to make, but probably won't, but might, but prahhhbably won't. So here is my TO DO list of apartment things I'd like to do (...but most likely will not).

Above: DIY Pendant Light. I already talked about this on my other blog, but I'm serious about this one, I really want to do it. It'll look perfect in the the corner above my couch. {} & {CraftyNest}

DIY Tea Towels. Just a fabric marker and you're on your way to a super cute, modern accessory for the kitchen! {Apartment Therapy}

Magnetic Bathroom Jars. I just need a strong magnetic strip and jars with metal lids! Genius! {}

Bathmat. It's made of rags! But, I'll be honest, this one probably won't happen, but I still really like it. {}

Knitted Puff. This one isn't gonna happen either, but again, I really like it. {}

3D Framed Stuff. I love this idea. I feel like it would be easy to do, too. {}

Floating Book Shelf. Or rather, a shelf made of books. Also, I want that puppy. {} & {Apartment Therapy}

Okay, so that's my first TO DO list. Like most of my TO DO lists, not everything will get done. MAYBE one or two things IF I'm lucky. But that's not really the point of this list. It's really just to inspire me, and hopefully you, to make something I'll love.

I have a bunch more lists up my sleeve, including:
TO DO: Sweets
TO DO: Breakfast
TO DO: Accessorize
and tons more! Stay tuned and send pictures if you end up scratching anything off the list. :)


Trish said...

such great finds :) already inspired

Hope said...

LMAO "Also I want the puppy"