Friday, September 4, 2009

Ana Garcia Photography

Here are some logos I worked on for my friend, Ana. She's a really talented photographer in St. Augustine and I was so stoked when she asked for my help with a logo and business card. This top one is my favorite logo, but admittedly, not Ana's style.

I liked this one too, but again, not really the feeling Ana was going for.

This logo suites her much better and I'm glad she went with it.

Here is her business card. In the end, she went with a different photo, but I like this one better. :) They're both great, but this one just felt right to me; ghostly and modern, but with an old world quality.

She's still working on a website, or I'd link to her here, but just email her or call her up! If you need a photographer or just someone fun to hangout with, Ana is your gal. :)

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jessica said...

I love the top logo because at first I thought the graphic was a tower, but then I realized it was film! And then I figured out it really is a giant "A" that looks like film. Genius.

Also, people don't ask you to help them to be nice to you. They ask you to help them because your designs are amazing.

When are you going to get a website of your own? If you would like me to help you set it up in anyway, just let me know. I know you know how to make websites because I've seen the awesome sites you've made. Just wondering if you need a hand getting your domain name and webhosting and if you need any html or css help. I would be honored to help you in any way I can. You do so much good design for others that you deserve a little something in return, k? Just say the word!