Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crappy Halloweiners!

Hi guys and Happy Halloween! Here are some sweet treats I made for the spooky holiday. They are spiderweb sugar cookies & brownie bug bites. I stole the idea for the bug bites from Bakerella, that's why they look like spiders, but mine only have six legs (made of pretzel sticks) 'cause eight legs didn't look very good--so sue me. :)

This guy is gonna fuck you up.

This guy is scared of that other guy. His name is Howie.

These cookies were really fun to make and pretty easy, actually. I used a recipe from a book I have, but any simple sugar cookie recipe will work. I didn't use royal icing though (it's so gross). I just mixed confectioner's sugar with milk to make the right consistency, and eventually the top dries hard enough (I recommend drying over night) to stack and package without ruining the design and the inside still stays gooey and soft.

Yay! Now go eat lots of candy!

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