Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Apartment Tour, Part 1

Heyyyyyyy! Welcome to my new apartment! Can I get you something to drink? Take a seat and admire all my hard work! :) I apologize for the blurriness and all around poor photography. I was borrowing a friend's camera (thanks, John!) and didn't realize how bad they were 'til I gave it back. Oh well. You'll still get an idea. :)

This is in my kitchen, above the sink. I love the scalloped trim at the top. My mom made the cute little curtain--thanks, Mom!

This is also in the kitchen, above my little table. That yellow thing is a lightbulb shade I crocheted. My AMAZING sister, Jessica, sent me the lamp cord kit and this link a while ago, and I was so inspired I went to making one just like it. I couldn't figure out how they got their ruffle so tiny and delicate, then Jess told me I had to use smaller yarn which makes sense, but I'm not making another one. :)

This is also in my kitchen. If you can't tell, my kitchen is the room I'm most happy with right now. All the other rooms need some MAJOR help, but my kitchen is small enough to not need much.

You know that light pendant I said I was gonna do? Well, I did it. And it kinda sucks. I used yarn nearly the same color as the wall, so you can barely tell it's there, which is fine because I didn't wrap enough yarn, so it's sagging in the back. :( I'm thinking of taking it down and wrapping some more yarn around it, but it was such a huge pain in the ass I probably won't. Also, I want a new couch.

So, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by! You're all welcome anytime! When I get the rest of the place in order, the bedroom and bath, I'll post again, but don't hold your breathe. It'll be a WHILE before that happens. K, bye! Don't be a stranger! :)


Trish said...

LOVE it... so cozy!!!

Tina Amato said...

Your place looks AMAZING!