Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Perfect Purse

I've been on the hunt for the perfect purse for about a year now. That hunt has consisted of browsing various sale websites during downtime at work and glancing at boutique stores' slim picks, and so far, I still don't have the perfect purse. All the purses I see are too expensive, not well made, not the right color, etc. You may be wondering, as I have this past year, "Is there such a thing as a 'Perfect Purse?' And what makes it so perfect, anyway?" Well, take a seat.

The Perfect Purse must:
1. be big enough to hold a sketchbook/laptop, but slim enough to not get in the way. I'm big enough as it is. I don't need any help knocking breakables over as I walk through tiny stores.
2. have a pocket on the outside for easy keys/cell phone retrieval.
3. have a handle that stays on my shoulder and doesn't make me go crazy by falling down all time.
4. be leather, but not patent. No more of that faux leather crap. I want the real thing and I want it to last.
5. be classy enough for work, but casual enough for the farmers' market.
5. be dark green, gray, brown, taupe, red-orange or some other color that strikes my fancy.
6. be under $200.

Now, I realize we all have different ideas when it comes to the perfect purse, but this is what I'm looking for, so shut up. :) As you can see, that is kind of a lot for just one purse to live up to. But I'm a good hunter. I've been patient, and here are some contenders.

The Woven Bags.
I LOVE this treatment. The purse I have now is woven and I hate to give it up. It meets all of the rules except for No. 4, and that is why I have to find another one--it's made of cheap faux leather and is falling apart! I wish I was rich enough to have a bag made for me, because I would just have it duplicated, but in real leather. But alas, I am not rich. But about these two bags, I won't get them for the same reasons. No. 1 is not made of leather and No.2 is way too expensive.

The Understateds.
I really like these guys. No. 3, though not shown in the picture, meets all the requirements. It has a slit pocket in the back and another, detachable strap for the shoulder. I also really like the color; bold, yet still kind of neutral. No. 4 gives me a very 80's vibe, like a rolled down slouchy boot cuff, but like the 80's, it wouldn't last long. It's not made of leather. Boo. I like really like them both, but I have to eliminate No. 4. Sorry No. 4.

The Tote-cases.
These guys are serious. They are very structured and ready to get down to business. They both meet all my requirements. I think I like No. 5 better than No. 6, though. The oversized stiching and big buttons are too playful for me. The long zipper pulls on No. 5 add just the right amount of flair, dare I say, the perfect amount? I do kind of wish No. 5 came in a more interesting color, though, like dark green. THEN it'd be perfect.

The Sloppy Hobos.
I really like these two bags. Like REALLY like. Unfortunately, No. 7 is super expensive (and no longer available), but I couldn't leave her off the list. She's just so great. But No. 8, now No. 8 is do-able and everything I'm looking for. I'm a little worried about the flap getting in the way, but I can overlook that for now. For now, I think I'm in love. After a year of searching, waiting and complaining, guys, I may have found my purse. (EEE! :)

P.S. A special thanks to Ana for turning me on to endless.com. That's where, in the end, I found most of these. So, thanks! :)

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Ana said...

glad it helped! i like that site. i love no 8 too