Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pillow Chalk

Over the weekend, Sean and I took a trip up to DC to see our good friends, Tina and Aaron. They just bought a BEAUTIFUL new house and I was trying to come up with a good housewarming gift. A couple weeks before the trip, Tina sent me a link to an "Etsy: How-Tuesday" and asked if we could do it together when I come up. I didn't want to waste precious Tina time behind a sewing machine, so I whipped it together for her as kind of a surprise.

The pillow instructions say to hand sew each rosette on, but, while I was sewing the rossettes at a Purls meeting, Kelly suggested I sew them in bunches of three to save time. GENIUS! I think it looks more lush/rich this way, too.

She liked it. She had just gotten this great new chair and I think it looks super on it.

Tina has a great eye for decorating (even though she doubts it at times) and helping her get some stuff this weekend was so fun. She painted a couple walls in her kitchen with chalkboard paint, so I had to chalk it up. It was a really fun weekend. We:
went to the Smithsonian and saw some ruby slippers, among other things
saw a TON of vanity license plates
risked my life for a Bomb Pop
had vodka gummy bears
had a half-smoke at Ben's Chili Bowl
saw the Lincoln Memorial, among others (my favorite was FDR's)
had a picnic in the front yard on the fourth (so much fun)
and so much more.

I'm sad it had to end. But there's always next year!

LOVE YOU, TINA! And remember to trust yourself! You know what's up. :)

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