Monday, August 2, 2010

BF BIRTHDAY: Part One: Tamalés!

My boyfriend is the cutest.
I like him a lot.
It was his birthday.
I made him tamales.
They were a bitch.
But they were worth it.
He liked them.
So did I.
{Pork Tamales with Double Chili Sauce}
I also made him a cake.
I didn't make that cupcake.
But I did make that pineapple.
And my mom made my table cloth.
I like my mom, too.
Cake post next Monday.
{sneaky peeky here}


Tina said...

You amaze me with your mad skills. Ah lerve yoo. :)

Jessica Hanley said...

Yah, I used to work with a Mexican girl who loved tamales but hated making them because they were really a chore so KUDOS! I can't wait for Part that a marzipan carrot?

imuhwinner said...

Marizpan carrot? I don't KNO-ohhh, mayyy-beeee... :)