Monday, August 9, 2010

BF BIRTHDAY: Part Two: Carrot Cheesecake

As promised, here's the birthday cake.
It was super good.
{Cheesecake Factory's Carrot Cake Cheesecake Recipe}
The cheesecake layer was like a huge layer of delicious, delicious icing--
under the layer of delicious, delicious icing.
{Magnolia Bakery's Cream Cheese Icing}
I used a half recipe and added a lot more powdered sugar.
I got the recipe book from my friend Tina.
She's the best.
I made those carrots and junk out of marzipan.
It was like making stuff out of edible play-doh.
Well, I should say yummy play-doh.
Edible play-doh is kind of redundant, as I learned from my cousin, Derek.
Who ate the stuff at a tea party when we were little.
They weren't real cookies, dude.
Sorry to throw you under the bus, D, but it was weird.
You're cool now, though.
This list isn't as pithy as I intended when I started the exercise.
I probably should have just written a real post.
Let's reign this back in.
Here's a birthday cake.
I made it for my favorite boy.
It was good.
Theeeeee ehhhnnnnnd.


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Jessica Hanley said...

Isn't marzipan fun? Your carrots are gorgeous. I love the "S" made out of carrot vines. Fun! Your favorite boy is a very, very lucky guy.

Crystal said...

So lovely! And it looks mighty tasty. Mmm mmm!